TV Land's 'Family Foreman': 'Run's House' for Boomers


TV Land’s Family Foreman - sorry, I can’t tell you when this show debuts because (grumble!) MTV doesn’t have enough press packets so I’m live blogging blind (here at Television Critics Association) - looks at least more interesting than MTV’s highly scripted/contrived Run’s House.

Or maybe it’s Run’s House for viewers in their 40’s and 50’s, the TV Land demographic.

George Foreman is starring in TV Land’s reality series Family Foreman.  Foreman - two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Olympic Gold medalist, and seller of grills - is a big personality on stage here.  He’s ever the showman and the hubris serves him well.

He dispenses fatherly advice to his ten children, like "you must learn to sell or you will starve."  They’re all named George, even the girls.

For over 31 years, George (the dad) has preached at the Church of Lord Jesus Christ, a non-denominational church in Houston. 

"I’m the best floor mopper around," he says.