In case you haven’t noticed, the Reference Design Kit (RDK) will sort of be a big deal at The Cable Show in Washington, D.C.

Comcast kicked the whole thing off as it looked to accelerate the pace of development for set-tops, gateways and other IP-capable devices by leaning more heavily on open-source software and other components that could be prebaked into the silicon itself.

On Friday, show organizers announced that 20 RDK licensees will be showing off their stuff during the event, offering a sizable representation of how far RDK, and its supporting ecosystem, has moved forward since last year's show. 

Comcast is plenty big enough to get a project of this magnitude off the ground, but, as we've said before, it will eventually need other MSOs to adopt it.

So, it was interesting to see a statement today from  Matt Zelesko, the SVP of TWC’s converged technology group, declaring that the MSO has “embraced RDK and support its rapid evolution.”

Does this mean TWC is going to present its grand RDK strategy next week in the nation’s capital? It's already been identified as an RDK licensee, after all.

Nope, not yet. But consider adoption of RDK to be squarely on the MSO’s agenda.

TWC will “talk more about RDK this summer as it’s the set of standards we’re using in our development of the hosted navigation guide and other future services,” a spokesman said.