TWC To NYC Subs: Give Aereo a Try


Time Warner Cable has outlined several options its customers can pursue to obtain CBS content while the MSO’s dispute with the broadcaster continues.

The MSO lists them out at the TWC Conversations site under the heading: “Where can I find the shows that I’m missing?

TWC first identifies the obvious option: obtaining CBS's free, over-the-air signal with a digital antenna.

TWC also points out that NYC-area customers can obtain CBS through Aereo, noting that the broadband TV/cloud DVR service is currently offering a one month free trial.

Aereo, which has also launched services in non-TWC markets Boston and Atlanta, won’t say if it’s seen a sales spike in New York since TWC pulled the CBS signal on Friday afternoon.

If Aereo is getting some sales tailwind from the dispute, it wouldn’t be an unprecedented event. Recall that ivi TV, the dead-in-the-water online TV distributor, claimed it saw a 323%  increase in new subs from the pre-blackout to post-blackout period in the fall of 2010, when Cablevision and Fox were embroiled in a similar retrans battle.

Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia still weighed in on the situation between TWC and CBS. “Unfortunately, this scenario is nothing new for consumers,” he said, in a statement. “This conflict just further highlights the importance of having alternatives in the marketplace.  It’s also a great reminder that consumers have the right to watch over-the-air television using an antenna.  Whether they use Aereo or some other type of antenna, it’s their choice. That’s the beauty of having alternatives.”

TWC, meanwhiloe, also points out that offers recent full episodes online, though the broadcaster on Friday decided to block TWC broadband customers from accessing those shows. 

TWC is likewise directing customers to other over-the-top services that offer some new and old CBS fare, including, Hulu, Apple iTunes and Netflix.

Time Warner Cable is also trying to reduce worries that sports fans will miss some NFL action. “For the NY Giants, NY Jets, Dallas Cowboys, and Pittsburgh Steelers, at least 1 preseason game is being carried nationally on a channel that remains available on Time Warner Cable,” the MSO noted, adding that many games will be replayed on NFL Network. The MSO also mentions that a broadband-delivered NFL Preseason Live package is available for $19.99.

Oh, and for those that want to go true old school, TWC reminds customers that preseason coverage is also provided on this thing called radio.