Twitter Crashes At The Worst Possible Time


In the midst of the Japan disaster and ensuing Fukushima nuclear crisis,  Twitter has just crashed.  The problem started in earnest (for me anyway) at approximately 12:05p PT.

It’s now 12:30p.

I’m getting this message when trying to access my Twitter page.

“Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

The following was posted on Twitter Status 25 min. ago:

“Experiencing elevated error rates 25 minutes ago

You may experience some problems loading and with Twitter clients.  We are aware of the problem and are taking action.

The crash has occurred at the worst possible time, as users increasingly depend on Twitter for confirmations and clarifications on breaking news out of Japan.

UPDATE: 12:32.  my twitter page is back up again.

UPDATE2:  12:36p  belay that first update.  I got one tweet out and the system has locked up again.

UPDATE3:  1p.  Tech issues appear to be resolved.

UPDATE4. 1:01p.  Belay update #3.  After two tweets Twitter went off line again.

UPDATE5: 2:45p  Twitter access still erratic.