On Twitter, Glenn Beck Rages at San Francisco


Correct me if I’m wrong, but…wasn’t Beck planning on joining Rush Limbaugh in Puerto Rico, if the HCR bill passed?  Anyway, Glenn Beck says he’s coming to San Francisco to crush us.

@glennbeckAttn: 60’s sanfran radicals - we will rise and crush in Nov. Together like NEVER b4. You WILL fail bcausr WE R COMING. C it @5 on FNC

Glenn really does need to mellow out.  What better place than our beautiful, multicultural oasis of tolerance?  I suggest he visit during Gay Pride Week.  We’ll hand him a joint and put flowers in his hair.

In other news, Roger Ebert urged his readers to sign Rush Limbaugh’s farewell card, sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

@ebertchicagoBe a good sport. Sign the bon voyage card for Costa Rica-bound Rush Limbaugh.