Update: Joost Throws Up a Brick

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Things started well today with Joost’s test of live, peer-to-peer streaming of the NCAA tournament.

Right when the first game kicked off today — Georgia vs. Xavier — I logged onto Joost, and got right in. Full-screen, it didn’t look half bad.

Meanwhile, others in the Multichannel News newsroom were having trouble getting a stream at NCAA.com

I was feeling a bit smug, actually.

For about 10 minutes. Then, suddenly, Joost konked out. I couldn’t get any basketball games for the remainder of the day. Joost just displayed black screen with an error message, "Temporary loss of signal." 

In a blog posting, a Joost spokeswoman promises, "The service will get better over the course of the tournament as we find and fix bugs – which we do every time we test (and break) the service."