Updated: Time Warner Cable Touts Showtime on Apps In the Home, Not 'TV Everywhere'


Time Warner Cable’s “Enjoy Better” Super Bowl ad that aired regionally on Sunday says the MSO makes a host of services “better” — including Facebook, ESPN, Netflix and the videogame Call of Duty.

The operator also called out Showtime: As the ad shows Mary Louise Parker from Weeds in a florist’s shop (holding a potted pot plant, of course), the voice-over says that the operator “make[s] Showtime show up in places you never imagined.”

Does that mean TWC will be offering subscribers access to Showtime Anytime?

According to Time Warner Cable: No. The reference is to the TWC TV app for Apple devices, which let subscribers watch live TV in their homes over a Wi-Fi connection. (The operator expects to add streaming support for Android 4.0 devices this year.)

“What it refers to is inside-the-home video to iPads and iPhones,” TWC spokeswoman Maureen Huff said. “It’s not a precursor for any sort of announcement for video outside of the home.”

Recall that the MSO, after holding out for more than a year, last month activated HBO Go for subscribers.

Showtime, for its part, has trailed rival HBO in signing up affiliates for TV Everywhere. Currently, AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS have deals for Showtime Anytime, while Comcast provides the premium net’s content on its own Xfinity.tv portal (see AT&T U-verse Rides Into ‘Showtime Anytime’ Corral and Showtime Feeds ‘Anytime’ iPad App With Azuki).

Here’s the Time Warner Cable ad:


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