Viacom Is Still Not OK With Cablevision's iPad App


Will Viacom end up brawling with Cablevision in court, too?

As of Wednesday afternoon, a source tells me, Viacom and Cablevision aren’t any closer to sorting out their differences about the operator’s app that provides live TV on an iPad only over a home Wi-Fi network (see Viacom: Cablevision Has ‘Seized’ Rights It Does Not Have With iPad App). “At this point, I’m not sure that any talks are ongoing,” the source says.

Viacom and Cablevision reps declined to comment. Viacom hasn’t filed a cease-and-desist letter with Cablevision yet.

The legal claws came out last week in Viacom’s fight with Time Warner Cable over that MSO’s similar iPad app. The cable company is seeking a decision from a federal court about whether it does — or doesn’t — have the right to deliver Viacom networks like MTV and Nick on tablets or other devices inside the home (see Time Warner Cable Seeks Court Ruling To Approve iPad App For Viacom Nets).

Viacom, which is suing Time Warner Cable for breach of contract and violating copyrights, argues that tablets are not TVs, and that operators need to shell out more money and/or renegotiate their deals to offer that kind of service.

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