Vive le 3DTV!


Would you like enter — how you say — la troisième dimension?

Paris-based cable provider Numericable is building one of the world’s first high-definition 3D VOD services using Cisco’s content-delivery platform, to offer its 3.5 million TV customers some très magnifique (one would hope) on-demand 3D content later in 2010.

That announcement is part of the growing rush worldwide toward all things 3D. In other 3DTV news from the last two days:

* YES Network, FSN Northwest and DirecTV are teaming up to deliver a 3D broadcast of the New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners games on July 10-11 from Safeco Field in Seattle — the first MLB games to be presented in the format (see YES, DirecTV Team On First 3D MLB Telecasts).

* The Consumer Electronics Association added the 3D@Home Summit track to its annual CEA Line Shows midyear conference, scheduled for June 22-23, 2010, in New York City, in conjunction with the 3D@Home Consortium.

And — full disclosure — we’re getting in the game, too: Multichannel News, along with five other NewBay Media publications, will present the 3DTV2010 event in New York city on May 25. I’ll be hosting a panel with top execs from Comcast, DirecTV, Motorola, SES World Skies and HDMI Licensing. Click here for more info:

What’s driving all this action? After all, there can’t be very many consumers with actual 3D television sets today, given that they just went on sale this spring.

The answer is that nobody wants to get left behind if (or perhaps when) 3DTV actually becomes The Next Big Thing in TV.

I asked Terry Denson, Verizon’s vice president of content strategy and acquisition, how critical 3DTV is to FiOS TV (see next Monday’s issue of Multichannel News for the full Q&A). He said that as 3D takes off, “there will be a perception about who will have the most compelling offering. So we believe it is important to participate early on, in a meaningful, sustainable way.”

Get your glasses ready, folks.