Weathering The Storm


The National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications kicks off day two of its 23rd Annual Conference in Denver this morning amidst the potential threat of a major snowstorm that is projected to drop up to a foot of snow in the city.

The diversity-tinged organization is already trying to weather a business storm created by the slow recovering economy and the conference’s move out of New York City for the first time to Denver as part of the industry-backed Cable Connections Fall program that also combined the annual Kaitz Foundation fundraiser dinner and the CTAM, SCTE and ACC conferences into a week-long event.

NAMIC is projecting in the neighborhood of 400 attendees for this year’s conference, a far cry from the 850 members that attended last year’s confab as cable company cost-cutting measures kept many of NAMIC’s core attendee base of lower-  and mid-level executives home.

In her opening address to conference attendees, NAMIC president Kathy Johnson chose to emphasize the positive, correctly stating that the drop in attendance did not reflect on the quality of the Conference’s various sessions and workshops that serve to create strategies and skill sets for today’s leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s multicultural consumer.

Not to mention the edifying words regarding the growing influence of social media from conference keynote speaker and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

Nor does it diminish the importance of NAMIC’s purpose: to prepare the industry and its workforce for a very fast-growing multicultural population that will not be ignored and should not be taken for granted.

As Conference co-chair and Starz CEO Bob Clasen stated during his opening remarks, it remains imperative that senior executives recognize and embrace diversity and that organizations like NAMIC continue to foster the next generation of multicultural executives who will “help create a work environment that maximizes the potential of all employees and who are better attuned to the needs of today’s diverse consumers.”

Obviously, NAMIC intends to weather any storm that the industry might face — whether it’s financial, technological or even meteorological.