Web of Deception Peter Chernin's Campaign Contributions

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Web of Deception - a "Smoking Gun" type of site - leaves no public document unturned. 

The site just posted a list of campaign contributions to the Hillary Clinton campaign by Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corporation, and chairman and CEO of the Fox Group.

The info is currently making its way around the Internet.  Chernin and family also balanced out their giving by contributing to Barack Obama and the Democratic Congressional Campaign, but some blog posts failed to mention these particular details.

Chernin is long-time Democratic loyalist and contributor to the party.  This isn’t new news.  Chernin’s association with the Dems has been common knowledge for years. 

My reaction to the disclosures:  shrug.

P.S. The info is also available on Huffington Post’s handy "Fundrace" tool.  Here you can view maps of entire neighborhoods.  Little red and blue dots represent the contributions.  Click on a dot and up comes a name.  Here’s the map and an arrow going to "Peter Chernin" on Whilshire Blvd. in LA.  A few doors down: Norman Lear.  Up on Sunset Blvd., Ben Stiller (a Hillary contributor) and so on.