Weekend Internet Buzz from Consumerist: Irate Comcast Employee Ridicules Customer Service


An irate Comcast account executive is apparently venting his frustrations by Powerpoint.  The document is "currently getting passed around inside one of their call centers," says Consumerist, the mouthy consumer blog

The employeed is sniping at the company’s internal CQE (Comcast Customer Experience),  ridiculing CQE as "Cheap, Quick Engineering" or "Customers Quickly Exhausted."

Here’s the Powerpoint embed from Consumerist.

Per Consumerist the powerpoint, "warns of the perils of not addressing bad tech

behavior, demoralized employees, high turnover, baroque customer service templates, and metrics that force employees to upsell additional services on top of the ones that aren’t even working right in the first place."

Well, true….I’ve posted in the past about my troubles with Comcast customer service call centers.  And lately I’m finding out - the hard way! -  just how much of my email may have simply vanished.  One case in particular had serious job implications for me.   (More about Comcast email woes in another post.)  

But on-the-ground tech support here in Marin County is quite good, and the company is known as one of the best places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Also,  god forbid, we should be limited to using Time Warner!  (Mary shudders!!)

I blogged about the Time Warner Navigator troubles in Kansas City.  That was months ago and Internet users are still commenting on the post.

From the San Francisco GLBT Pride Parade/2007.   Comcast represents!  The Comcast float: