Weekend Squee! What Turned You On to Comics


I just have so say - Squeee! - to the latest Entertainment Weekly post.  EW asked 12 comic book greats to name the comic that first turned them on to the genre.   Naturally, Batman and Fantastic Four - serious double squeee! because they were my childhood faves.

And…here’s a Fantastic Four and Batman covers!  omg!  It’s a fun read.  Go there now.  

It was so long ago, I don’t recall my first comic or how I got turned on to them.  But for sure Fantastic Four was first reall obsession.  And after sampling Superman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and others, I settled on Fantastic Four and Batman as my childhood must reads.

The obsession lasted until Star Trek blew me away in 1966.  (In V blew me away.

So imagine the thrill when I got to chat with the amazing ???? at SCI FI Channel’s Comic Con part and tell him what an influence he’s had on my life.  "I’m sure you hear this a lot, " I said, "but I want to tell you that Fantastic Four ignited my interest in science fiction and media and was a huge influence." 

???? eyes filled with tears, and he thanked me for telling him.  His gratitude took me by surprise and I choked up and he kissed me on the cheek and…

Here’s to you, ?????

My photos from Comic Con: