Wheeler/Clyburn Ticket?


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowksi has yet to announce his exit date, but the chatter is coalescing around a scenario where Former NCTA President Tom Wheeler is nominated to replace Genachowski and, since the vetting and voting for that pick will likely take a few months, Mignon Clyburn would be named interim chair.

Clyburn is the senior Dem after Genachowski and would be the first woman to chair the commission. Several sources said that was the sense they were getting, and one said they were pretty confident it would be Wheeler and that the White House would be moving soon.

That chatter came from lobbyists from both sides of the aisle, but until the President makes the call, nothing is set in stone.

The President has been under pressure to name a woman, and there are a number of qualified candidates, including Clyburn, Rosenworcel, and longtime Obama adviser Karen Kornbluh.

Wheeler, managing director of Core Capital Partners, was a fund-raiser for President Obama and tech policy advisor for the transition team and beyond. He is a former wireless exec and head of CTIA, and a bit of a renaissance man who wrote a book on leadership lessons from the Civil War.