Yet Another Study Showing Male, Young Viewers Ready to Cut Cords

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The latest installment in the ongoing glut of research studies about online viewing preferences finds that nearly two-thirds of viewers would cancel cable if a broadband service such as Aereo, Nimble TV or SkitterTV allowed them to watch broadcast TV shows, including sports. In its just-issued "Online Video: Look Who's Watching Now," Adroit Digital, a media buying agency specializing in programmatic buying, said that men are considerably more likely than women to cut the cord (67% vs. 57%). Even more dramatically, 66% of viewers ages 18 to 24 years old are ready to drop cable, compared to 51% of viewers aged 45 or older. 

While this new study continues the research food-fight about whether viewers can live without TV, it adds impressive data about the growth of online media consumption - especially broadband video and its impact on advertising. of says that 67% of males and 57% of womentaissued its "Online Video: Look Who," a combination of advanced audience technology and knowledgeable industry experts