Your Daily Ephemera: WFTV & Barbara West plus (gasp!) in 2001, Obama Used The Word "Redistribution"


The Barbara West (reporter for the Orlando, Florida ABC affiliate WFTV)  interview with Senator Joe Biden looped endlessly on cable news channels today, with pundits from both sides of the aisle dissecting the "incident."

West’s questions to Biden were highly charged and, most notably, she quoted Karl Marx.  Tim Russert she’s not.   (See vid below.)

After reading an extended quote by Marx, she then asked, "how is Senator Obama not being a Marxist.." etc. etc.  It was classic and immediate guilt-by-association - with commies!

It’s all part of the recent McCain camp refrain that Obama is a SEKRET communist, socialist, Marxist.  (Nevermind the inconvenient truth that master investor and true-believer-in-the-U.S.-economy Warren Buffet supports Obama.)

Conservatives happily swarmed over Biden for being angry - another faux controversy.  Hardly.  While clearly incredulous, Biden handled the interview with some humor and considerable grace, given the electric nature of the questions.

The Obama campaign has nixed further interviews with West.

Also, posted below: an October 14 interview West conducted with Senator John McCain.  Note how West asks leading questions straight from McCain camp talking points. 

Nevertheless, West took a somewhat tougher tack with McCain in an interview today.  But with her history of clearly partisan interviews, it’s a little late in the game for West to start trying to prove what a fair kinda gal she is. (Sorry, there’s no embed function available on the WFTV site.  Click here to watch the latest McCain interview.)

This too shall pass.  There’s so much daily ephemera in this presidential campaign, it’s almost getting too painful to blog about. (Although the cold turkey withdrawal from the daily dramatics on November 5 could be worse.)  Today, the McCain camp fomented yet another tiring faux lipstick-on-a-pig type controversy.  Dredging up an Obama quote from 2001 during which he used the word "redistribution," McCain tossed more chum in the press waters.  On CNBC this afternoon, conservative, supply-side economist Larry Kudlow looked like he was about to have a stroke.

Said Newsweek’s Andrew Romano this evening, in a fit of unbridled reason: 

….Conservatives are eagerly pushing the charge–online, at rallies and in my inbox–that "Barack the Redistributor" is a secret communist, Marxist or socialist. (Today, the right is misreading a 2001 interview in which Obama complains that progressive activists once wrongly wanted the Supreme Court to "ente[r] into the issues of redistribution of wealth" as evidence of his pinko ways.) Now, I understand the appeal of this line of attack, which provides voters with a familiar, 20th-century bogeyman to fear. But characterizing Obama’s plan to tax the nation’s top earners at 39 percent instead of 36 percent as socialist is absurd….

At any rate - onward to the vids, below.  First, the Biden interview: