1 GHz, One Chip for Microtune


Microtune Inc. Monday introduced what it called the industry’s first single-chip 1-gigahertz silicon tuner.

The vendor said its OpenCable-compliant "MicroTuner MT2121" will enable cable set-top boxes and residential home gateways to support bandwidth-intensive video and home-networking services.

Microtune added that the MT2121 is optimized to receive and tune radio frequencies in the 50-megahertz to 1-GHz range of the cable spectrum. The company said it is ideally designed for video-on-demand, subscription VOD and HDTV services, as well as in-home media distribution.

The chip can be deployed in single or multituner set-top configurations, residential gateways or media entertainment servers. It can also be implemented in digital-cable-ready TV sets that are compliant with the new plug-and-play ruling from the Federal Communications Commission.