13 Overbuilders Form Trade Group


The nation's largest competitive overbuilders have created their own trade
association, the Broadband Service Providers Association.

The 13 founding BSPA members are Altrio Communications Inc., Carolina
Broadband, ClearSource Inc., Everest Connections Corp., Gemini Networks Inc.,
Grande Communications, Knology Inc., RCN Corp., Seren Innovations Inc.,
Starpower Communications, Utilicom Networks LLC, WideOpenWest LLC and Western
Integrated Networks LLC's WinFirst.

Knology CEO Rodger Johnson was elected the group's first chairman. He will be
aided by Gemini CEO Haynes Griffin, who will serve as vice chairman.

Representatives said the group will focus on regulatory and legislative
issues that create barriers to entry by competitive providers.

The companies in the new association pass 4 million homes.