2007 Beacon Awards Winners: Competitive Response


Cable System I

Truth Booth
Harrisburg, PA
In 2006, Verizon made a forceful effort to win passage of statewide franchising legislation in Pennsylvania. When Verizon hosted a catered dinner for local officials in Harrisburg, Comcast Government Affairs staff rented an adjacent facility and set up a “Truth Booth,” offering the same officials ice cream, coffee and “the Truth about some bad legislation.” More than 50 municipalities adopted resolutions opposing the bill. The Truth Booth didn't single-handedly derail the legislation, but it demonstrated how the truth — presented in a timely and guerilla-style manner — was able to galvanize local officials' opposition to the statewide franchise bill.

Cable System II

The Power of You Customer Technology Showcase
Time Warner Cable
Austin, TX
Time Warner Cable Austin remains devoted to providing customers with innovative technology and programming options that set it apart from competitors and help increase productivity and entertainment value. The Power of You Customer Technology Showcase, which attracted more than 250 customers and business representatives, featured hands-on demonstrations of eight technologies that make Time Warner Cable a local technology leader. 90% of the event attendees learned about all eight technologies, resulting in a subsequent increase in business technology sales leads, an increase in the usage of existing services, and an increase in sales of newer services.