2007 Beacon Awards Winners: New Media Campaign


Cable System III

Cox Advocacy Network
Cox Communications
Phoenix, AZ
The key objective of Cox Communications Arizona was to create an innovative grassroots advocacy Web site that allowed employees, contractors, vendors, cable industry partners and other stakeholders to quickly and easily 1.) Learn about public policy issues affecting Cox Communications and 2.) Impact those issues by contacting lawmakers. The Cox Advocacy Network was developed and launched to support Cox Arizona’s major legislative initiative, the 2006 Cable Customer Tax Relief Act. During the legislative session, Cox employees and other advocates generated over 4500 messages to Arizona lawmakers in support of the legislation and over 22% of Cox employees sent at least one message.


Digital Straight Talk.com
Cox Communications Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Cox Communications launched a new online blog, Digital Straight Talk, to challenge the claims of competitors, respond rapidly to issues that could impact the company’s image, and reinforce Cox’s image as an innovator in the broadband communications industry. Since launch, the blog has helped the company achieve those goals and averages over 4,000 page views a week.

Cable Network I

Darfur is Dying
New York, NY
Darfur is Dying is a student-produced, viral video game that provides a window into the Darfur refugee experience. It is designed to spread awareness of the genocide taking place in Sudan, serve as a call to action, and further inspire students to help stop the crisis. Conceived and developed by college students, with guidance from humanitarian aid workers, Darfur is Dying uniquely empowers people to help stop the genocide by embedding real world ways to take action into game play. The game has reached nearly 1 million people and has engaged the public in a new form of activism for the digital age.

Cable Network II

Stop Breast Cancer for Life Web Site
Lifetime Television
New York, NY
This year, in Lifetime’s 12th annual “Stop Breast Cancer for Life” public awareness and advocacy campaign, the Network wanted to find a way to engage its audience in a more interactive way. The campaign’s programming centerpiece was a touching and irreverent film called Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy, based on the memoir of Lifetime executive Geralyn Lucas who faced breast cancer at age 27. With the addition of a daily blog titled the “Daily Pink,” enhanced content, features and photo galleries, interviews with celebrities and experts and new partnerships with Amazon.com and RealArcade, the breast cancer site received more than 1,127,189 visitors during October, an increase of 38% over the previous year.