2007 Beacon Awards Winners: Programming (Series)

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Cable System I

Kids in the Kitchen
Dubuque, IA
Obesity in children and adults within the United States is a problem and has been a recurring topic in the news media. Kids in the Kitchen was created to entertain, but more importantly educate people of all ages the significance of an appropriate diet, good nutrition, and proper eating habits that help to combat obesity. Kids in the Kitchen is a joint effort between the Dubuque Community School District and Mediacom Communications Corporation. With an enrollment of over 10,000 students, the Dubuque Community School District and Mediacom hope to make an impact on the way these students, as well as the over 20,000 subscribers of Mediacom, think about the way they eat.

Cable System III

New England Accent Series
Cox Communications
Lincoln, RI
In February 2006, Cox Communications New England decided to produce New England Accent, a monthly public affairs program that would serve as a vehicle to showcase issues and ideas that are important to both the company and the communities it serves. The series would highlight the company’s public affairs initiatives and serve as a forum for requests for special coverage from state officials, public service organizations and regular folks. Topics covered include AIDS, fundraising through gay bingo, the Rhode Island National Guard and underage drinking and driving. Each show received media coverage, significant hits On Demand, and praise from community leaders.


The Challenge
Cablevision Systems Corporation
Bethpage, NY
For the last 9 years Cablevision, Power to Learn and News 12 Long Island have been recognizing academic excellence on “The Long Island Challenge. The Challenge is the high school academic quiz show that answers the age old question 'is it who you know or what you know?” Each week on Cablevision’s regional 24-hour news channels, News 12, two teams of teen scholars prove it’s definitely cool to be smart. Entering its tenth year on Long Island, second season in New Jersey and launching in Connecticut, The Challenge lets academic stars shine across the tri-state area. This season the show has a whole new look and a campaign that lets teens know “Being Smart Was Never So Cool.”

Cable Network II

C-SPAN’s The Capitol
C-SPAN Networks
Washington, DC
In 2006, C-SPAN premiered The Capitol, the most extensive history of the U.S. Capitol ever brought to television. C-SPAN was granted unique access to the Capitol and recorded the three-part original series in high definition to capture and preserve the art and architecture of the Capitol building, providing historical context through numerous interviews with historians, journalists, and members of the House and Senate recounting the building’s history. The program’s Web site provided an archive of the program and the Capitol Oral History Project featuring 20 interviews. Cilps from the program were integrated into classroom tools for C-SPAN Classroom. Press from The Capitol generated over 48 million gross impressions.