2007 Beacon Awards Winners: Public Service Announcement


Cable System I

Hurricane Kids PSA
Cox Communications, Gulf Coast
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Cox Gulf Coast produced a public service announcement to promote a book written by a group of 4th grade students, When the Hurricane Blew. The students wrote about and illustrated their experiences dealing with Hurricane Ivan and wanted to share their story with other children experiencing such a traumatic event. Cox’s PSA campaign helped spread the word about the publication and enhanced sales of the book. To date, the students have raised nearly $8,000, which they plan to send to schools in Louisiana and Mississippi that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Cable System III

401(K)ids Program
Bright House Networks
St. Petersburg, FL
Bright House Networks created a branded umbrella program to highlight projects it supports that are educational or benefit youth. The most important elements of the multi-media campaign are the 30-second cross-channel spots it produced. By airing the spots, Bright House Networks communicates all it does for education and youth programs to numerous audiences. The company has received numerous phone calls from parents and PTA groups asking about the program and requesting support for their projects. The third party endorsements Bright House received in its series of “celebrity” spots help solidify its reputation as the area’s leading corporate champion for education.


Mississippi Rising
Philadelphia, PA
The Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2005 to serve as a vehicle through which corporations, organizations, and individuals could donate money, goods and services to help Mississippians impacted by Hurricane Katrina rebuild their communities. On October 1, 2005, a gala fund-raising concert — “Mississippi Rising” — was held in support of the Fund. In November, Comcast released a series of thirteen public service announcements it produced in conjunction with the concert. These PSAs were intended to raise awareness about the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund and to help drive traffic and maximize contributions to the Fund’s Web site.

Cable Network II

think MTV’s Break the Addiction PSAs
MTV Networks
New York, NY
As part of its Break the Addiction environmental campaign, Think MTV has developed a series of PSAs that have captured MTV’s audience’s attention and raised their awareness of global warming. These include a set of daily action PSAs designed to give youth the tools they need to make small changes in their daily behavior to reduce their consumption, and then encourage their friends and family to do the same. The PSAs, which premiered on-air, online, on mobile, and on the largest high definition screen in the world, have mobilized young people to seek out resources and opportunities to get involved at the local and national level, all featured on the campaign’s Web site.


Join the Fight: Weapons of Mass Instruction
Cable Positive
New York, NY
In the Weapons of Mass Instruction campaign, celebrity activists were shot in black and white and discuss the weapons they use in the fight against HIV and AIDS, their “mind”, “heart” and “voice”. The year-long campaign launched on cable television in support of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2005, and ran in support of National Black AIDS Awareness Day, February 7, and National HIV Testing Day, June 27. Cable Positive joined forces with the Latino Commission on AIDS to support National Latino AIDS Awareness Day on October 15 by producing and distributing new spots produced in English and Spanish and featuring Latino celebrities.