2007 Blue Book


As a compendium of data on virtually every aspect of the multichannel business, this year’s Blue Book is designed to be a statistical guide to the state of the industry and the rapidly changing marketplace. It offers detailed statistics and forecasts for well established video services, as well as newer offerings, such as high-definition TV and broadband video.

Included is historical data and forecasts for cable, satellite and telco video subscribers, video-on-demand- enabled homes, high-speed Internet users and homes with HDTV and digital video recorders.The Blue Book provides revenue for everything from consumer spending on multichannel television to the money that operators can expect to earn from VOD, high-speed data and downloadable videos.

To make sure the Blue Book contains the best possible forecasts of the rapidly changing multichannel business, Multichannel News has culled a wide range of data. During this process a number of researchers and companies have generously allowed us access to their reports. We would like to thank, in alphabetical order, Horowitz Associates, In-Stat, Kagan Research, Magna Global Research, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. We are particularly indebted to PricewaterhouseCoopers and Magna Global, which have each provided multiple pages of data. The Blue Book was compiled by George Winslow.

  • The Players

    Top multichannel, HSD and telephony providers