2008 CABLE SHOW: Green Times To Roll In NOLA

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“Green” is a growing buzzword throughout cable and other industries, and some companies are extending their initiatives to their participation in this week's Cable Show in New Orleans.

The Ernest J. Morial Convention Center itself is playing a green part. According to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, all the carpet laid out to furnish the show floor is resold. Waste from exhibitors, from corrugated wastepaper baskets to ink cartridges, is recycled.

Leftover food from booths and other sources are donated to two New Orleans charities. And the commercial food service uses reusable china, table coverings and flatware, not disposables.

That's letting the good times roll responsibly.

Discovery Networks said its booth has been reused from other conventions and, where changes or repairs were needed, the fixes are done with renewable sources, like bamboo, or completely recyclable materials, such as aluminum. The latter also makes the booth lighter and therefore requires less fuel to transport it.

Discovery, launching a network called Planet Green next month, is taking a “holistic approach to the whole business,” said Lori McFarling, divisional marketing officer. Local New Orleans printing companies will be used for convention materials, and remainders will be forwarded to recycling agents.

Discovery will also be promoting hotel key-card recycling, she said.

Meanwhile, The Weather Channel is trying to minimize its convention-related environmental impact by buying carbon offset credits from an organization called Renewable Choice Energy.

That organization makes a calculation, based on energy usage provided by Weather to have its employees travel to the show, ship materials and its booth there and use energy during their hotel stays.

Weather said it paid the organization enough to prevent the environmental equivalent of 158,490 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable Choice Energy invests the money in renewable energy resources.

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