2008 CABLE SHOW: Mayor Nagin Thanks Cable For Coming Back


New Orleans -- Mayor Ray Nagin took the stage at The Cable Show general session Tuesday morning and said the cable industry, “like no other industry, has stepped up to help us” recover from damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina almost three years ago.

“You sent the message around the world that it's OK to come back to this city for conventions,” Nagin said, after being introduced by Cox Communications president Pat Esser. “We cannot pay you back.”

Nagin, the former general manager of the Cox New Orleans regional system, said the city's business from events and conventions in 2008 could be close to the city's take in 2004—a record year for the Big Easy.

He also thanked the industry for pitching in with CableCares events this weekend, at which about 400 participants from cable help build playgrounds and upgrade technology infrastructure at city schools. (Watch video of cable volunteers helping to build an elementary school playground in New Orleans here.)

“We're doing OK," Nagin said. "But we still have a lot of work to do.”

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