2008 CABLE SHOW: Starz Aligns For More ‘Head Case’ Sessions

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More celebrities will be visiting Dr. Goode’s couch next year.

Production will begin in New York and Los Angeles come August on 10 episodes of Starz’s original comedy series Head Case, which stars Alexanda Wentworth as Dr. Elizabeth Goode, shrink to the Hollywood star set.

Emmy-nominated Steve Landesburg returns as Goode’s sidekick Dr. Myron Finkelstein, while Michelle Arthur again will run the crazed office as Lola.

Celebrities for the next batch of installments will be announced soon, according to officials at the premium channel.

Head Case, which evolved from a series of 10 shorts in 2007 to eight-half half-hour sessions that premiered from January of March of this year, has attracted such notables as Jeff Goldblum, David Alan Grier, Joel Madden, Lea Thompson, Rosanna Arquette, Cindy Margolis, Ralph Macchio and Jane Kaczmarek in the past.

The show is a co-production of Starz Entertainment and Different Beast.    

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