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1 Nickname for TBS’s carrot-topped

3 Glenn Close drama series that moved
to DirecTV

9 Some TV viewers are cutting this

12Days of ___ Lives

13 Living space on the Enterprise

14Sons of Anarchy club initials

15 She shoots caribou in Alaska on TLC
reality show

16 Animal Planet reptile

18 2010 Cable Show locale

20People Are Funny host

21The OC’s county
22Kill Bill actress

24 Homer drove one over a cliff

25Sex and the City premiere channel

26Daily Show alumnus Rocca

27 They are a show’s do-or-die stats

30 Ivan Seidenberg will bid farewell to
this telco next year

34 Younger sis of pop star Jessica

35 Sexy sci-fi skein shifting from BBC
America to Starz

38 Pugilist Balboa

39 Network that showcases The Walking

40 Cablevision will expand into Big Sky
country with this purchase

44 Betty White’s character in Hot in

47 Band that ends with 40

48The Nanny star

50 Bad girl of MTV’s Jersey Shore

53 Advanced TV-advertising venture still
trying to make waves

56 TV’s well-known explorer

58 Expression of surprise

59 Drama created by Michael Crichton

60 Boston detective Rizzoli’s medicalexaminer

61 Major movie streamer

63 The only kind of TV you can buy now

64 Across the street from, abbr.

65 Beatles record label that made a deal
with Apple

68 Discovery and Hasbro’s new toy (goes
with 37 down)

69 Industry wants to stick more of these
into free VOD

70 TV Dr. working on making America

71 Character on The Closer



1 Big name in hardware, rhyming with

2 Largest cable operator in the U.S.

3 Batman and Robin, for example

4 Mena state

5 Band of small cable operators

6 Western slang for a lady

7 Ungainly acronym for interactive TV

8 ___ City starring Jessica Alba

10 Talk show host is moving to cable with
her own network

11 Sci-fi series that is an anagram of 35

12 BCS title game first-timers

15 Spanish Laker

17 Sphere

19 These two letters represent the most
powerful device in our living room

23 Network that premiered Jersey Shore

24 Investors’ concern

26 TV’s horse a while back (goes with 31

27 Issue that led to Fox blackout on

28 Time Warner ___, not Time Warner

29Basic Instinct star who guest-starred
on Law and Order

31 See 26 down

32 This former Today wonder boy won’t
be part of the new NBCU joint venture
with Comcast

33 Capitol Hill vote

36 This cable executive may finally get his
privacy on the third try

37 See 68 across

38 Overbuilder that turned away from
public markets, then agreed to a
buyout by private-equity giant ABRY
41 World Series stat

42 Quite

43 Assoc. of hoopsters on their own channel

45 Boys

46 This firm bought Sunflower Broadband

48 Santa _____

49 NBCU TV exec leaving when Comcast
takes over

51 Nick Jr., ___ Noggin

52 First name in cable lobbyists (who’s
moving on)

54Simpsons neighbor

55 Jersey Shore’s Ronnie _____- Magro

57 Sen.’s colleague

58 Chopped, a position say

61 Neutrality lead-in

62 Tiger spot

63 This cop show ended with 50

66 Deep South state

67 “__ I ruled the world …”

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