$24.1M for Comcast’s Roberts in ‘05


Comcast Corp. chairman and CEO Brian Roberts got a 10.8% raise in 2005, ending the year with $24.1 million in salary, bonus, restricted stock and stock options, according to a proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday.

According to the document, Roberts received a 12.4% bump in his annual salary to $2.368 million from $2.107 million in 2004. His annual performance bonus rose 15.4% to $7.714 million, up from $6.684 million in 2004. Roberts also received $5.6 million in restricted stock and options for 425,000 shares valued at $5.67 million.

President and chief operating officer Steve Burke saw his annual salary rise 27.7% to $1.566 million and his bonus increase 42.5% to $6.171 million. Burke’s overall compensation -- including restricted stock and options -- was $15.5 million in 2005. Burke earned $21.1 million in 2004, but nearly one-half of that -- $10.5 million -- was in restricted stock.

Chairman of the executive finance committee of the board of directors and Comcast founder Ralph Roberts received a 5% boost in annual salary to $1.765 million, a 26.3% increase in his annual bonus to $2.25 million and an 18.5% increase in other compensation, for a total of $21.1 million in 2005. Ralph Roberts received $33.6 million in total compensation in 2004, but nearly one-half of that -- $14.4 million -- was in restricted shares.

Other executives who saw compensation increases in 2005 included executive vice president and co-chief financial officer Lawrence Smith ($8.65 million, up 2%); executive VP David Cohen ($10.3 million, up 10.3%); and executive VP, co-CFO and treasurer John Alchin ($7.5 million, up 1.6%).