The 3 From Epix Launches First On Dish


Dish Network is the first provider to launch The 3 From Epix, a new movie channel.

Dish already carries Epix and Epix 2 from the joint venture of Viacom, its Paramount Pictures unit, MGM and Lionsgate.

The new offshoot has popular films from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s to present. Titles include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rocky, Top Gun and The Terminator. Other programming includes eclectic genre fare such as "chop sockey" movies from the ‘70s; teen coming-of-age comedies from the ‘80s; and wilder, edgier late night features hosted "Shock Theater" style -- all packaged with original trailers from these time periods, the companies said.

The 3 from Epix is located on Dish Network channel 292 and is available free to customers who subscribe to America's Top 250 and above. Dish also offers Epix and Epix 2 as part of the HD Platinum package.