3Net Forms Studio to Trigger Format Production

Studio Will Produce, Distribute Long-, Short-Form Content

Looking to bolster the development and production of format fare, 3net, the joint venture from Sony, Discovery and IMAX, has formed a new global and distribution division.

3net Studios, based at both Sony Pictures headquarters in Los Angeles and Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., will employ a team of creative personnel, utilizing the technology and production expertise of the parent company’s joint venture partners to produce the highest-quality native 3D content available. 

Additionally, the studio will employ a revolutionary production strategy, whereas select projects will be completed in what the company has coined “TotalD” – native 3D 4K, 2D 4K, 3D 2K and both 3D/2D HD formats -- providing a global suite of content solutions for both current and future entertainment platforms and partners worldwide.

3net, which has been actively producing native 3D content for several years and launched the first fully-programmed 24/7 3D television network in the United States early in 2011, says it has the world’s largest library of native, original 3D programming.  The formation of 3net Studios, which has between 15 and 20 projects in active development, will allow the company to augment its award-winning library, while also offering extant and new partners top-quality 3D and 4K content.  The studio’s distribution arm will offer original, native 3D and 4K long- and short-form content across a diverse spectrum of programming genres. 

A number of the projects the company is producing under the new 3net Studios banner are expected to be detailed in the weeks ahead.

“From television, mobile, computer and tablet companies, to broadcast channels and digital content providers, the global demand for a high quality, native 3D programming pipeline has quickly become one of the most vital elements within the 3D ecosystem,” said Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO, 3net, in announcing the studio. “With the industry now struggling to keep pace with the rapidly accelerating consumer demand for 3D programming across multiple platforms – and now with the evolution of 4K - the formation of a world class production studio to help fill both the 3D and ultra-high-definition content voids became a logical next step in our evolution as a global player in the entertainment arena.”

For the most part, 3D has not become widely adopted in the U.S. NBCUniversal, in conjunction with Panasonic, presented some Olympics coverage in the format and Hollywood continues to produce enhanced theatricals. At this juncture, 3net and ESPN 3D continue to champion the format on television, with both services distributed on DirecTV. However, the DBS leader has transitioned its own format channel, n3D, to a part-time, special events-focused service