3net Gets First Cable Carriage

JV Service Launches on Service Electric Cablevision

Some 22 months after it debuted on Direc- TV, 3net, the joint-venture 3DTV network from Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX, has obtained its first cable launch on Service Electric Cablevision, a cable operator with more than 100,000 customers in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Interest in 3DTV has cooled since 3net premiered in early 2011. But Donald Brandt, the director of programming at Service Electric, said his company’s desire to offer 3DTV heated up after NBCUniversal made 3D fare available from the London Olympics.

“We had a great reaction from customers” to the Games content last summer, Brandt said. He said he contacted Discovery (the 3net distributor) to ask about adding 3net. “We were finally able to launch it right before the holidays, which I think is really exciting.”

3net is Service Electric’s first fulltime 3DTV channel. “If we were going to do this, we wanted programming that was really going to be received well by our audience,” he said. He pointed to nature programming on the channel and to the music series In the Basement as notable examples.