The 411 on Telco Systems’ ‘Access211’

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Telco Systems Monday debuted its "Access211" voice-over-Internet-protocol gateway.

The vendor said the Access211 uses standard telephones and fax machines, provides superior voice quality and is easier to set up than most consumer gateways.

End users can plug a standard telephone, standard fax machine and personal computer directly into the Access211, which is then connected to broadband Internet service via a cable modem, digital-subscriber-line modem or wireless modem without the need for a home router.

"The Access211's traffic-shaping capability prevents heavy Internet-data traffic from interfering with the bandwidth required for superior voice quality, and it is a feature that distinguishes it from all other VoIP gateways in its class," Telco Systems vice president of IP product-line management Irit Gillath said in a prepared statement.