4K TV Market Set To Explode

Nearly 50% Of U.S. Homes Will Have A 4K TV By 2020: Study
strategy analytics 4K 400 x300.jpg

Strategy Analytics put out a bullish outlook for the 4K TV market this week, predicting that nearly half of U.S. homes will own an Ultra HD set by 2020.

That’s a steep climb from where the market stands today. According to Strategy Analytics, just 1% of U.S. homes had a 4K set in 2014. The firm also predicts that the figure will reach 10% by 2016.

Strategy Analytics also forecasts that North America will soon become the highest-penetrated 4K TV region, unseating the Asia Pacific region (see chart above).

“Ultra HD will become the standard resolution for virtually all large screen TVs within 3 to 4 years’ time and we will see it penetrate further into smaller screen sizes as manufacturing efficiencies improve,” David Watkins, service director, connected home devices at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement.

Among other findings, the firm said shipments of 4K TVs grew 633% in 2014, to reach 12.1 million units, with Asia Pacific accounting for 75% of them, followed by North America (12%) and Western Europe (11%). About 60% of Ultra HD TVs shipped worldwide in 2014 were 50-inches or larger, and 25% of all 50-inch and larger TVs that shipped were Ultra HD-ready, it said.

By way of comparison, FutureSource Consulting announced last month that 4K TV set shipments reached 11.6 million units worldwide in 2014, an almost 700% increase from 2013. That firm posted those figures as final data from 2014 continued to trickle in. 

Strategy Analytics expects shipments to more than double in 2015, to 27.5 million units, and eclipse the 100 million mark by 2018.