50 Promo Tie-Ins Lifted Spot Sales: NCC


National Cable Communications announced Tuesday that more than 50
network-cable promotional tie-ins with 20 networks played a key role in boosting
spot-cable ad-sales volume through the first nine months of 2002.

NCC two weeks ago had said that promotional link-ups were among several
factors that contributed to spot-sales volume through September. Spot sales rose
16 percent through September, with a 19 percent gain foreseen for the entire

On Tuesday, NCC vice president of sales development and marketing Marc Bodner
and director of sales promotions Lori Greenwood spelled out that contribution in
greater detail. Roughly 25 percent of NCC's spot sales growth is attributable to
these promo linkups, the executives said.

Bodner and Greenwood cited several examples of promo tie-in successes: Rhodes
Furniture/Fitzgerald Furniture's local sponsorship of The Learning Channel's
Trading Spaces in 29 Eastern markets; wireless provider SunCom's
sponsorship of several cable shows in 19 small Southeastern markets (including
MTV: Music Television's Total Request Live, Lifetime Television's
Caring for Kids and the 15th anniversary of A&E Network's
Biography); the California Department of Food & Agriculture's 'Buy
California' promo campaign tied to Food Network's Emeril Salutes America
and a Web-site sweepstakes in six California markets; and M&M/Mars
Inc.'s sponsorship of World Cup soccer sponsorship on ESPN and Galavisión in
seven urban markets.

The latter two clients made their first spot-cable forays, the NCC executives

A total of 90 of the top 100 national spot-television advertisers have also
bought spot cable through September, NCC said, adding that only 25 percent of
the top 100 spot-TV spenders bought spot cable five years ago.