8 Is Lucky Number for MTV, VH1


MTV: Music Television and VH1 reached more than 18 million total viewers during their eight hours of coverage of the Live 8 concerts Saturday.

From noon-8 p.m. (EST) July 2, MTV and VH1 combined to beat all cable networks among total viewers, according to network officials. Over the eight hours, MTV reached some 13.3 million viewers, while VHI garnered 9.12 million.

For its part, ABC’s two-hour taped highlight show from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. averaged 2.89 million two-plus viewers.

And America Online Inc., which streamed the concerts live, garnered some 5 million unique users, with multiple streams peaking at 175,000 at 6:30 p.m.

Gauged on a quarterly-hour basis, MTV and VH1 averaged 2.16 million viewers, according to network officials.

MTV topped all cable networks during the span among persons 12-34, while VH1 improved its adults 18-49 delivery in the period by 84% and total viewers by 100% compared with the prior four-week period, according to Nielsen Media Research data.