ABC Family, Arquette Eye Comedy


ABC Family said Wednesday that it has agreed to develop an as-yet-untitled
half-hour scripted comedy based on Rosanna Arquette’s life.

The series will be scripted by industry veteran Holly Goldberg Sloan. The
single-camera show will be shot documentary-style and focus on various aspects
of Arquette’s storied life.

Arquette’s real-life best friend, Kimberly Beck Clark, will also be

"Rosanna Arquette is such a great, unique talent with a very interesting
life," ABC Family head of programming Linda Mancuso said in a release.

"We know this show can be water-cooler television, and we believe we have all
of the elements required for a breakout hit," she added.

Viewers will see Arquette as a muse to rock stars and as the unconventional
mother of a teen-age daughter. The antics of Arquette and Clark will add another
comedic element.

Arquette recently starred in independent film Iowa. She has a
recurring guest role on award-winning sitcom Will and Grace, she has
guest-starred on The Practice and she directed critically acclaimed film
Searching for Debra Winger.