The ABC’s of Why the Spectrum Deal Is In Public Interest


In defense of Verizon Wireless’ purchase of spectrum
from cable operators (the SpectrumCo partners and
Cox Communications) — from which the latter stand
to benefit to the tune of several billion dollars — the
parties to the deal said it would serve the public interest
for the following reasons:

A. Recent data on demand
for mobile spectrum
confirms the need for
efficient “assignment”
of spectrum.

B. The sales of
the SpectrumCo/
Cox licenses are just
the kind of secondary
market deals that the
FCC has said can help
meet demand for mobile
broadband spectrum.

C. Verizon Wireless
needs more the spectrum to
keep up with that demand.

D. Verizon Wireless is already spectrally
efficient, disproving allegation of warehousing
or claims that engineering solutions
can solve capacity constraints.

E. The FCC has repeatedly found that assignments of
unused spectrum to those who will use it to provide service
to customers serves the public interest.