ABI Sees Surge in VidiPath-Certified Devices

Adoption Among ‘Advanced’ US Cable HHs Could Hit 40% by 2016
Vidipath demo 2 400x300.jpg

The era of VidiPath, a platform from the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) that will help MVPDs extend their user interfaces and their full slate of video services securely to retail devices, is just getting underway, but one research firm expects the technology to expand at a rapid pace.

ABI Research projects that VidiPath-certified devices will be available in about 40% of all U.S. cable homes that subscribe to “advanced services” by 2016, expanding to 70% by 2020. If additional capabilities are added to VidiPath in the coming years (such as cloud-based deployment models and support by OTT video providers), ABI said adoption among the advanced cable service footprint could grow to 100%.  

DLNA members such as Cox Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have deployed or are expected to soon deploy set-tops and gateways outfitted with VidiPath servers that can communicate and support tablets, gaming consoles, streaming media players and other devices on the home network that use a VidiPath client.

VidiPath (also known as CVP-2) was one of the technologies featured earlier this month at the INTX show in Chicago. Among the demos, DLNA showed Comcast’s Xfinity VidiPath Service for its X1 platform running on the MSO’s production plant and displaying on smart TVs and tablets. This video from an Imagine Park session at INTX shows VidiPath operating in tandem with X1. 

“The VidiPath program is expected to yield significant service delivery savings while improving the user experience, as it establishes a unified technology platform for mobile and multiscreen services, allows for the elimination of STBs, simplifies remote diagnostics, and fosters new choices of DLNA-Certified retail devices,” Sam Rosen, practice director for ABI Research, said in a statement. “Down the road, VidiPath has the potential to enable new cloud-based deployment models from both traditional operators as well as Over-the-Top providers, helping to pave the way for TV Everywhere delivery.”

DLNA introduced VidiPath as the consumer-facing brand for CVP-2 in September 2014.

An more detailed update on VidiPath, including support of the platform by several major U.S. MVPDs and the emerging platform's regulatory implications, will be covered in the Next TV section of the May 18 issue of Multichannel News and Broadcasting & Cable