ACA Backs Cox vs. ESPN


The American Cable Association has joined Cox Communications Inc. in the MSO’s fight over ESPN’s rate hikes.

The small-operator trade group’s campaign will include links from its Web site ( to Cox’s site on the ESPN matter (; grassroots contact by ACA members with their congressmen and senators; personal visits in Washington, D.C.; and other ACA informational sites, rallies and events.

"The ACA fully supports the efforts by Cox to rein in ESPN’s outrageous price increases," ACA president Matt Polka said in a release.

"When inflation is at its lowest level in 40 years, price increases at more than 11 times the rate of inflation are completely unjustified," Polka added. "Every cable operator should be doing all it can to support Cox and the ACA in our battle to protect the value of basic cable for American consumers."

He continued, "ESPN needs to know that Cox is not alone in this battle. This is not just a one-on-one between Cox and ESPN -- it’s a battle involving more than 1,000 independent cable operators and one MSO, Cox, courageously challenging [ESPN parent The Walt Disney Co.’s] greed."