ACA Calls On Washington To Step In On Retrans

Cable Group Ties Renewed Call to CBS/TWC Programming Impasse

The American Cable Association is using the CBS/Time Warner programming blackout, including the programmer's blocking of online content to TWC broadband customers, to call on Congress and the FCC to weigh in on retrans.

"The action taken by CBS to black out millions of Time Warner Cable customers validates ACA’s oft-stated position that the rules governing retransmission consent are outdated and need to reflect current market conditions," said ACA president Matt Polka in a statement.

ACA has been pushing Washington to step in an prevent blackouts or require outside arbitration of retrans impasses, as well as disallowed coordinated negotiations.

Polka added blocking of broadband access to the list of problems.

“Congress and the FCC should also be troubled that in addition to blacking out Time Warner Cable video customers, CBS took the unwarranted step of blocking Time Warner Cable broadband customers from accessing a range of content, including full-length episodes of previously aired broadcast programming," said Polka. "Worse, CBS’ Internet blackout includes Time Warner Cable broadband customers who receive MVPD service from providers who have retransmission consent deals with CBS in effect,"--DirecTV and DISH, for example, whose subs have access to broadband via TWC service