ACA to FCC: Levy Regulatory Fees on Non-Cable MVPDs

Says Satellite Ops, Telco Video Distributors Should Have to Pay on Similar Terms as Cable Competitors

The American Cable Association wants the FCC to apply its regulatory fees to telco and satellite video distributors, ACA said in comments to the FCC on Monday.

In comments to the FCC Monday, ACA said noncable MVPDs are sufficiently similar to cable services that they should be assessed similar regulatory fees. It also says that would avoid "distortions in the marketplace" when a competitor does not have to pay regulatory fees levied on others.

ACA says the FCC should continue to charge on a per-sub basis -- ACA represents smaller systems with fewer subs -- and wants satellite providers to have to pay in on the same, per-sub, basis as cable operators rather than per satellite-license.

"This much-needed regulatory reform will ensure regulatory parity between cable operators and DBS providers," ACA said. "The Commission has ample authority to undertake this reform given the regulation and benefits that DBS providers receive from the Media Bureau."

The FCC In May sought comment on proposals to changes to its fees, including possibly applying them to over-the-top providers.

The FCC covers its expenses for regulating out of the fees it collects from those being regulated and based on how much time each full-time employee of a commission bureau—-media, wireless, wire-line or international—-devotes to each service.