ACA, Free Press, Consumers Union Want Comment Deadlines Extended For Comcast/NBCU Union


The American Cable Association, Free Press, Consumers Union and Consumer Federation of America have all joined Media Access Project in asking the Federal Communications Commission to extend the comment deadlines on the Comcast/NBCU joint venture.

MAP was first out of the blocks with the request, saying there were a lot of other comment deadlines coming due at around the same time and pointing out that the FCC had not made a relevant Comcast document available for inspection until just last week.

The FCC has also said that cases for or against the deal need to be made in the pleadings process, with no wiggle room to introduce new arguments in ex parte comments. MAP says that makes it even more important that they have the time to get those arguments together.

MAP asked for 45-day extensions, which would push the schedule to a comment date of June 17, oppositions due July 16, and replies Aug. 1.