ACA Ready to Work Toward Curbing Violence

Polka Says His Group Ready to Participate in Any Public or Private Discussions

The American Cable Association has joined other Washington trade groups in pledging its support for a discussion on the causes and cures of the kind of violence that took the life of schoolchildren and teachers in Newtown, Conn.

"Everyone at the American Cable Association -- members, board and staff -- was devastated by the tragedy at Newtown, Conn.," said ACA president Matt Polka in a statement to Multichannel News Friday. "Our members live and work and provide service in thousands of towns across the country that are just like Newtown," he said.

ACA represents hundreds of medium-sized and smaller cable operators and telecoms across the country. "We stand willing to participate in any discussion, public or private, that might help curb the type of horrific violence that occurred last week," said Polka.

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association, National Association of Broadcasters and Motion Picture Association of America have all said they would be at that table as well.

Those pledges come in the wake of the increasing volume on calls for a national conversation about gun violence that includes mental health, access to firearms and possible cultural influences like TV, movies and video games.