ACA Seeks More Time to Vet Comcast/NBCU


The American Cable Association has asked the Federal Communications Commission for a two-week extension of the August deadline for comments on Comcast/NBCU's defense of their proposed joint venture.
ACA cited the 599-page Comcast/NBCU filing that came in July 21 as too massive to to give a proper vetting and response in fewer than 14 days.
ACA said that its representatives with what amount to merger security clearances -- actually those who have agreed to and been given access to the unredacted material -- did not get the document until late on July 22, and that others entitled to view it for ACA won't get it until July 23.
ACA also said that its key economic consultant, professor William Rogerson, was in a bicycle accident and is scheduled for surgery July 26.
ACA has not opposed the deal, but is concerned about its impact on the small and mid-sized cable operators the group represents. The gruop has called for government conditions "to prevent the new programming giant from using its enhanced market power to raise prices and limit choices for consumers of small and medium-sized cable and broadband operators."
ACA is concerned the new company will drive up the price to operators of its TV station signals and must-have programming like sports.