ACA Seeks Navigation Device Carve-out

Asks FCC to Recognize Burdens on Smaller Operators
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Complete coverage of the FCC's set-top proposal.

The American Cable Association is urging the FCC to recognize the "enormous strides" smaller MVPDs have made in offering programming, the burdens of a new navigation device mandate, and give them a break.

In a letter to the FCC, ACA asked that if the FCC does adopt agency chairman Tom Wheeler's set-top proposal to provide MVPD set-top data to third-party boxes, that the FCC: "(1) adopt a tentative conclusion that analog-only systems should be exempt from any new set-top box requirements, and (2) seek comment on an exemption for MVPDs with fewer than one million subscribers, which would serve the public interest by ensuring that the cost of MVPD service does not dramatically and unnecessarily increase, as it most certainly would if small and medium-sized MVPDs are forced to take the difficult and costly steps necessary meet the demands of the Chairman’s proposal."

Wheeler has scheduled a vote on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking at the FCC's Feb. 18 meeting.