ACA Wants MSOs To Be Able To Import In-State, Out-Of-Market Station Signals


The American Cable Assocation wants to make sure that if Congress allows satellite operators to import in-state, out-of-market broadcasters, it extends the same courtesy to cable operators.

In a letter to the chairs and ranking members of the Senate Judiciary and Energy & Commerce Committees, ACA President Matt Polka said that if they decide to allow satellite operators to import in-state, out-of-market TV stations, it should do the same for cable operators.

"[G]iving the subscribers of satellite TV companies the right to receive enhanced local broadcast service without allowing customers of cable companies the same rights would be unfair to the tens of millions of consumers who choose to receive their communications services via cable," he wrote, "and would significantly disrupt the competitive video market Congress has helped create."

That came as the Senate Communications Subcommittee was holding a hearing on reathorizing the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reuthorization Act, including input from Senators who favor allowing that signal importation.