ACA: YES Deal Doesn't Help Small Ops


While cheering the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network-Cablevision
Systems Corp. settlement, the American Cable Association said Monday that only
federal action will guarantee that consumers in small markets get the same

"The Cablevision-YES deal is being hailed as a win for consumers," ACA
president Matt Polka said. "But the fact is that this `win' will not be
available to smaller-market consumers because the sports programmers won't give
independent cable operators the right to carry sports programming on a tier or a
la carte."

Under the YES deal, Cablevision can offer YES, Madison Square Garden Network
and Fox Sports New York as a premium tier for $4.95 per month or sell each
network a la carte for $1.95.

"Only Congress can give smaller-market consumers this right by requiring
sports programmers to make their services available on a tiered or a la carte
basis," Polka said.