ACA's Polka Gives Props to FCC for Seeking Comment on Coordinated Retransmission-Consent Negotiations


The American Cable Association applauded the Federal Communications Commission's vote to launch a review of its broadcast ownership rules because it affords the cable organization to voice its displeasure with the current retransmission-consent regime.

ACA president and CEO Matt Polka issued the following statement: "ACA is very pleased that the FCC has sought comment on the impact of separately owned, same-market broadcasters who coordinate their action in the retransmission-consent market. In comments filed with the FCC, ACA has shown that coordinated negotiation of retransmission consent harms local competition and artificially increases retransmission consent fees, which consumers absorb in the form of higher rates. ACA commends the FCC for taking this important next step in the process, which we hope will lead to an outright prohibition of a practice that harms competition and consumers."

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to propose a number of changes to its media ownership rules.