Accenture Studies IPTV Understanding


Consulting firm Accenture surveyed 6,000 consumers in the United States and Europe and found that 46% don’t understand the term IPTV.

“Despite a general lack of understanding about what IPTV means, there is strong consumer interest in the benefits that such a service could bring,” said Ray Dogra, global IPTV leader in Accenture’s communications and high-tech practice. The wonder, perhaps, is that 54% of the people did understand what IPTV means.

When asked what would make television better, Accenture found that 30% listed access to larger numbers of movies and 26% said “being able to create your own channel to watch programs wherever you want.”

When asked about future benefits, 55% wanted less advertising on TV and 47% said the ability to choose specialized programming.

Cost remains a concern among respondents, with 54% saying they are not willing to pay extra to get an entertainment service that would allow them to search for TV, radio shows and music whenever they want. Security issues and quality of service also remain concerns.