Acterna Busy in Anaheim


Communications-test-solutions provider Acterna LLC made a flurry of announcements at the Western Show Tuesday.

The Germantown, Md.-based vendor:

• Announced the introduction of the "Remote Service Analyzer Module (RSAM) 5600," the industry's first forward-path analyzer with an integrated Web server that provides interoperability with field meters via a Web browser and also works conveniently with PC Web browsers.

• Announced new digital-video-monitoring and analysis enhancements for both its "DTS-200" and "DTS-300" MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) analyzers.

The additional feature -- a quadrature-amplitude-modulation RF interface for the "DTS MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzer" -- will enable network technicians to troubleshoot network signals with more efficiency by analyzing and monitoring any MPEG-2 transport stream being carried within a QAM RF signal.

• Announced the availability of the "PathTrak Version 2.3 Return Path Monitoring System," the latest version of its return-path solution.

The new features of PathTrak Version 2.3 enable administrators to automatically create a baseline-monitoring plan from performance history, saving several hours of labor associated with manually setting alarm levels for every frequency point.

It also allows users to automatically record and analyze massive amounts of data on every return, even while field technicians are troubleshooting live headend spectrum views with the "Field View" option on their Acterna meters. Other features include hardware independent server software and enhanced backup-server software.